I’ve been hearing recently about some prom and evening wear shops not offering an alterations service – not even a recommendation!

I cant believe that these places are selling you an expensive dress without offering an after-sales service including access to a seamstress. I believe this is as important as finding the right dress. Most people will need something altered, maybe just shortening the dress, but sometimes it might involve further work to make it the perfect fit.

You wouldn’t  purchase a car if you couldn’t reach the pedals or steering wheel; some adjustments might be needed like shortening the distance by moving the seat and/or the steering wheel. I would expect the salesperson to be knowledgeable enough about the type of adjustment you would need to do to get the perfect fit.

This might not be the most apt situation to talk about, but it just goes to show that your salesperson should know what and how to do it. Similarly I’d expect my gown salesperson to be just as knowledgeable even if they couldn’t do alterations themselves: having someone on hand or telephone to give the answers makes me more confident that this is where i want to spend my money. The salesperson only needs basic knowledge too;  it isn’t really difficult to employ people and train them in the basics.

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